Loretta Hall's award-winning book Space Pioneers: In Their Own Words offers a unique, behind-the-scenes look at manned spaceflight and its ground support. It consists of annotated excerpts from oral history interviews with 90 men and women who worked on various aspects of space programs from 1945 through the space shuttle era.

Let them tell you what it was like to:

   > work with the German expatriates at White Sands Proving Ground

   > explore the ability of humans to withstand the challenges of spaceflight

   >be among the first to view the Earth from an external vantage point

   > be responsible for training astronauts and keeping them safe on their voyages into space

   >live in an orbiting space station for weeks or months ....

Without their imagination, determination, sense of adventure, and skill, we would not have ventured beyond our home planet.

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Space Pioneers in Their Own Words
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